Employee FORMS

                         b.     Candidate Statement and Declaration before Medical Examination

                    c.    Forms for medication statement (non gazetted)
                                   a.     Details of family (Form 3)
                       b.     Nomination for Death cum Retirement Gratuity  [ Form No. 1,  Form No. 2]
                       c.     Nomination for Non-Contributor Family Pension
                       d.     Nomination under CGEGIS  [Form No. 7 Form No. 8]
                       e.     Application and Nomination form for CPF
  •          Permission/Intimation
             a.     Foreign travel Performa
         c.     Transaction in respect of immovable property
         d.     Transaction in respect of movable property

  •         Deputation
  •         Promotion
           a.     Option
  •        House Building Advance
        a.     HBA Main Form
        b.     HBA-9
        c.     HBA-10
        d.     HBA-12
            e.     HBA-13
        f.      HBA-19
        g.     HBA-20
      h.    HBA-22
        i.       HBA-23
        j.       Check - List for HBA
  •        Advances
    a.    Bicycle Advance form
    b.    Festival Advance
  •         General Provident Fund
                            a.    Application for Admission to the GPF
                    b.   GPF Nomination Form
  •         Medical Certificate for Leave
                            a.    Form 4(Medical certificate for leave or extension of Leave)
                    b.   Form 5(Medical Certificate for Fitness)

                                 a.    Resignation through proper channel
                      b.   Voluntary Retirement
                      c.    No Demand Certificate
                d.  Application for Pension

  •          Accommodation
                                a.     Application form for Allotment of Residential Accommodation 
                                 b.    Application form for change of accommodation
                      c.   Proforma Change
  • .        CGHS Card
                              a.    Surrender of CGHS Token
                    b.   Addition/Deletion to family
               c.  Transfer of Dispensary
               f.  Application for correction of error in Plastic Card  
               g.  CGHS Card Renewal Form  

  •           Leave Form/Joining Report
                                 a.     Form for application for leave by non-gazetted staff
                      b.     Joining report in respect of leave availed by non-gazetted staff
                c.     Form of Application for CL/RH/CH/SCL

  •          Medical Reimbursement
                                   a.     Application form for grant of permission for medical treatment
                        b.     Reimbursement of medical claims

  •                 LTC
                                                                       a.     Application form for grant of L.T.C. advance
                                    b.    Encashment of EL while availing LTC
                                                c.    Leave travel concession settlement bill
  •           Stationery Forms
                                                   a.     Form no. 1 – regular stationery articles.
                                                b.    Form no. 2 – other than regular stationery.

  •            Computer Hardware Forms

  •                          a.     Form No. 1- Indent Voucher for Computer Hardware
                           b.    Form No. 2- Indent Voucher for Networking/Consumable items
                     c.    Form No. 3- Surrender Voucher for Computer Hardware

    •            Income Tax
                                                       a.     Proforma for furnishing of particulars of Income and Savings
                                                   b.    ANNEXURE-I
                                        c.    ANNEXURE-II
    •                 CPIC
                                                                          a.     Application form for I-Card
                                                   b.    Application form for RF Tag
                                       c.    Application form for sitting of Lok Sabha

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