Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Rumors and Misguidance by All India Postal Employee Union to increase their membsrship

It has been come to the notice of us that the All India Postal Employee Union is creating false rumors that the memo of financial up gradation on completion of 20/30 years of service in the department has been released due to the efforts of them only to increase the membership of their union. Instead the memo has already been issued in Jalandhar Division vide SSPOs Jalandhar memo no. B-I/30-MACPS dated 22.03.2011 and it has been published in our website dated 31.03.2011 but it could not reach the individuals concerned due to some administrative reasons. The National Association of Postal Employees Jalandhar Division has also make efforts for financial up gradation of our employees and it was in our every monthly meeting agenda for last few months. The employees who did not cover in this memo will got benefit soonly.

            More over the All India Postal Employee Union Jalandhar Division has also misguiding the newly appointed Postal Assistants in the department and threating them to sign their membership forms. This is a very disgraceful and unparliamentary way to increase their membership. The National Association of Postal Employees Group C Jalandhar Division is going stronger and stronger and taking away the air with them as they are getting tremendous response from the employees to join the assoication under the leadership of Sh.Dharam Pal Singh, Divisional Secretary. 

    So all the Postal employees of Jalandhar Division are requetsed to beware of the above said rumors and join with the National Association for the welfare and betterment of the staff and the Department.

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